Monday, May 15, 2017

Term 2 - Week 4

Welcome to L2

We are into our 4th week of our newly formed classroom that has now grown to 15 children.

Our class Tuakana who started school on the 1st of May have been awesome showing our new members around and welcoming them to our classroom.


We are learning how to look at the pictures for clues and to use our pointy finger to follow each word, as we gain an understanding that letters represent sounds, groups of letters represent a word and that we read from left to right.

The children will bring home a book to read to you each evening, except on Friday, where they will bring home a poem that we will have been studying during the week along with a shared big book.

We are using the Anton alphabet program for letter recognition, sounds and writing in lower case.

The children will be bringing home sight words to practice when they are ready.


We are focusing on number knowledge at the moment; numeral recognition, quantity, counting forwards and backward, one more, one less and one to one matching (a valuable tool for reading as well) as we begin a unit on measurement and shape.


This term's school wide focus is on the science of change.  We have investigated some seeds we found in the school grounds which we have sprouted. Now we are trialling the seeds in water only.

We have also investigated some types of bubbles (balloon bubbles, soap bubbles and boiling water bubbles) inspired by our bubble poem last week. The children have suggested some good ideas for our next investigation.  I can't wait to see what concepts of change we explore next.

Can you bring in?

  • Any glad wrap or similar tubes. (not toilet rolls).
  • Containers for resources etc.
  • An old t-shirt suitable to wear over their uniform for art work.

Your children are working hard to do their best at school. Lots of positive feedback will go a long way towards supporting their learning.

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