Sunday, June 4, 2017

Term 2 Week 6

Term 2 - Week 6

Hope you had an enjoyable long weekend! This week we welcome 3 children to our L2  whānau.

It was a bit of a crazy end to our week last week being cooped up inside most of the day due to the weather.  We also had to cancel our planned PE ball activities with the other classrooms of our vertical learning community. However we still managed to catch up on our Anton letter for Thursday, document our colour changing flowers, experiment with some bubble art, complete our poem for the week and have a bit of a ballet and singing jam session at lunchtime. 

Highlight of the week I think was learning to use the bikes.  Thanks Mr Steel!

Short week this week. We will be working on learning how to be part of a community using our ORCA values to guide us.


We will continue looking at stories about Matariki and begin some activities to support what we are learning about.


Whole class- will be investigating concepts of measurement covering area and continuing with number knowledge. 
I have completed assessment as to what number knowledge the children have and will start instructing small groups to extend their level of understanding this week.
Home support: Eye spy numbers in your environment. Counting backwards and forwards. Talk about one more or one less.


Puff paint.  


Home support: Encourage them to look a the pictures first for clues, and then point to the words (looking at the words) as they say each word.
If they have sight words help them practice them.  No more than 3 they can't read a night.  You be the judge, but we want them to feel confident and capable as a learner.


We completed our first two pieces of individual writing last week. The process for us is to:
  • have an idea
  • share the idea
  • draw the idea
  • share the idea as a sentence
Expectations are differentiated for each child but we are learning to:
Start a sentence with a capital and finish with a full stop; Words are made up of letters and separated by a space; Letters represent sounds that we put together as words; Tracking, left to right and next line; Writing on the line; Use words we already know how to write.

Whole school assembly this Friday.

Remember we are learning so much every day and your positive feedback gives us a lot of encouragement to keep trying.

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