Sunday, June 25, 2017

Term 2 Week 9

Highlights of last week:

  • Assembly with five of our L2  whānau up on the stage entertaining us with their ballet.
  • Bit of a low-light really, the candy floss maker broke down before everyone could get a turn and a chance to sample the change in the sugar properties.
  • Putting moko's on a partner with face paint.  There were some very interesting designs.
  • Experimenting with sand and water to measure the volume or capacity of containers.
  • VLC ball skills was cancelled due to the weather but instead we rotated around our VLC classrooms with 15 minutes in each doing activities of choice, music and art.

This week:

All the L2 children are now at school. We will be focusing on social skills and what is needed for all of us feel we belong and to achieve our goals at school. We will be guided by our ORCA values.
Some children have finished taking letters home to practice in their Anton book.  We are still continuing with Anton in class and starting Sounds Like Fun. Things they can practice at home are reading their readers and writing/reading their sight words.  Board games like snakes and ladders, eye spy by sound and letter, and recognising letters and numbers in your environment are fun ways you can practice at home.  But remember that they have been working hard all day.  Rest and reflection about what they liked best about their day and what they liked least goes a long way to supporting their learning.

We will continue with exploring Māori art and designs, techniques and using different media's. This week we will look at weaving and dye on crayon.  I am hoping that we will be able to compile a mixed media piece for our calendar art.

We will be critiquing our matariki stories this week by giving them a thumbs up, even or down and discussing our reasoning behind our choices.

We will have another VLC assembly this week.  Each Friday we will be working together with our VLC group; either having an assembly, sports or activity rotation.

Put this date on your Calendar:)


  • School cookbook- don't forget to send in your recipes
  • Raffle tickets to raise money for upgrading our play ground.  They are only $2 and you could win a trip for two to Rarotonga, two nights at the Langham or a night out at the Manly Bar and Grill.

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