Sunday, August 6, 2017

Term 3 Week 3

Last Week

Friday was a little chaotic for us, sorting out the new longer passion Friday time-table; a longer than usual assembly but celebratory with an ORCA award from each class; sad, grateful and happy as we farewell Leah,  and were amazed at the impressive work of art that Sandra and helpers have put together for our school mural.

Apologies, that two children missed choir on Friday in the confusion.  One was at ballet because of a last minute change in program and the other I didn't realise until too late.  Next Friday will be better. As a class we still managed a Cross Country Practice, some ball skills and brain stormed what is special about New Zealand to gather ideas for our presentation as a VLC in the cultural festival on the 28th September.

Here we are trying to bounce a dodge ball (not very bouncy) as hard as we can so it goes above our head and to catch it.  Next we tried heading the ball.

Inquiry-Social Movement

This week we will investigate the question, "Why do people move to a different home?" and relate it to some of the stories we have read and listened to.  Together we will construct a survey for the children to complete with a family member or friend that has moved to a different home. This activity will connect well with our current focus in writing - Why writers write? and asking good questions.


We continue our focus on numeral representation, ways of saying the same thing (and, plus, add) and patterns to 5. Practice at home in daily routines of before and after sequencing would be helpful at the moment. Next week is maths week. We will be having a daily estimate challenge with prizes to be won and will be playing some board and dice games.

Parent Help

I am looking for parent helpers who can spare some time in the classroom regularly working with a small group or one on one with children.  It will be a set task, working with sight words, listening to children read, playing a game with them, or supporting them with a task, depending on what and how much time you can commit to.  I will give you full instructions as to what to do. Your contribution to our classroom will be greatly appreciated. I have three parents who have said they can help out already - thanks😊


I will be released from teaching on Thursday for the day.  Leigh Truebridge will be teaching L2. I will still be in the classroom doing assessment, in particular for reading to ensure the children are reading the correct books for their ability.

Many of you have been checking in with me regularly, but don't forget you can book 12 mins with your child for a check in meeting 22nd August.  This is available to discuss any questions or concerns on your child's mid-term report but for many it may be a chance to get some feedback on your child's progress because they were too new to Whangaparaoa to get a mid year report.

Junior cross country day is 24th August at Edith Hopper.  We have some fit determined children in L2 and have been practicing most days.  The children don't need a change of clothes as we only run on the bike track but they will need a change on the 24th.

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