Saturday, August 19, 2017

Term 3 Week 5

Last Week

Lots of exciting challenges and ways to look at maths concepts last week.  Daily estimation challenges were:
  • How many pom poms in a bag?
  • How many bottle tops to cover the area of the toy garage top floor?

  • How many sponge white board rubbers is the length of the kneeling table?
  • How old is Mrs Biddle? (Due to many thinking that they were older than a 100year old Tuatara due to being bigger).  This also prompted me to spend one morning working on concepts of time and how we measure it.  When asked what are we counting many said numbers.  But what do the numbers represent? When mentioning time we tend to think of clocks. But we measure time in many different ways; days, months, hours, minutes, years.  Hence we will be doing some more work on time.
  • How many teddies does this piece of play dough weigh?

The daily maths questions from the web site prompted quite a bit of discussion and were interesting in the way that some questions really needed some critical thought, as with the estimation challenges.

A minion was spotted at school last week.

On Friday we joined up with L1 and made wharenuis. (Not bird houses). See if your child can remember which part is the maihi and which is the amo. Some have included a tekoteko.

A whole school assembly saw another L2 member receiving an ORCA award.

Next Week

On Tuesday, school will finish at 12.30pm for catchup interviews.  This is an opportunity for you to book with your child, a 12 minute interview with me to ask any questions about your child's progress or clarification of their mid year report. You can book these on the school interviews web site through the link on the school newsletter.


What are sight words and why do we learn them?

Sight words are the words most commonly used for reading and writing.  A lot of them can't be sounded out like 'the'.  Being able to recall them quickly helps a reader to read more fluently.  If they spend a lot of time trying to decipher a text they may not remember what they just read and what it was about. Reading then becomes laborious and uninteresting. The colour of your sight words does not necessarily determine your reading level ability. It is the level of books that include these sight words.

Some suggestion for learning sight words at home are:
  • Make up cards with them (written on cut up cereal boxes) and place them around the room to be read when ever passing, or you can ask "Can you find me ...?".
  • Include a new one several times in a pile of known ones.
  • Ask can you show me .... when listening to their reading or when reading to them. 
  • Writing them down. Asking what letters make up the sight word. How many letters?
Memorised sight words can easily be forgotten if not used regularly.

In brief this is what your child is learning about at the different levels:

Look at the pictures first.

Magenta levels 1-2

1 - Looking at the words as they read- matching one to one - left to right - can recognise the difference between a word and a letter.
2 - Can track - left to right and next line.  Can identify some sight words within the text when asked.

Red levels 3-5

  • Recognise and use sight words
  • Notice when they have read something that doesn't make sense  
  • Self correct and re-read
  • Be-able to retell the story in sequence and include some details 
  • Recognise the words in compound words.

Yellow 6 - 8

  • Read with their eyes- use a finger if stuck
  • Use blends, word families, use predictions, checks - looks and sounds right to self correct
  • Use language like fiction/ non fiction etc
  • Re-read with fluency and expression
  • Read for meaning
  • Retell the story with greater detail, ask and answer questions about the story.
For more details check the reading rockets on our wall.

Remember: Reading is fun, but when you are learning it can be hard work!!!

School Cross Country -year 1 & 2

Thursday 24th August 1pm - Edith Hopper Park.
Children will need a set of clothes to run in, and a towel as there will be some exciting obstacles that will get them wet and possibly muddy.

Motat Trip

You should have received a letter regarding our Motat trip on 5 September.  Don't forget to pay your activity fee for the trip and fill out the form if you are able to join us as a parent helper. We need 6 helpers for each class.  This trip is in relation to our inquiry towards social movement.  

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