Monday, August 28, 2017

Term 3 Week 6

I apologise for the late posting.  I had a few technical issues.

Last Week

It was great to catchup with some of the parents last week. If you have any questions you are always welcome to see me casually before or after school if I don't have an appointment or meeting, or make an appointment if you wish to discuss something privately. If you are unable to come in you can always email me on

Our first speed writing session was a great success. This is where the children have a couple of minutes to think about and share what they could write about. It is a topic of choice and from the heart. They then write about their idea for 10mins. No constraints around spelling or punctuation. Just writing. It really boosted their confidence and many were keen to share with the class what they had written.

What a wonderful active class we have! Everyone who was at school participated in the cross country. We did so well preparing for the exciting moment and walking safely over the road together. However we lost a school uniform in our cloak room. Although instructed to put all their uniform items back into their bag, the cloak room was left in a mess with items all over the place. Not all the uniforms were named. Some of the items I was able to match to a child and ask them to put them into their bags, others were not so successful. All remaining loose items were put in our cupboard. It now appears that one of our children has lost his whole uniform. Please check your child's uniform to make sure that it belongs to them. If you are missing items, please check the cupboard.

Our joint activity with L2 on Friday was to make bird hats to use in our cultural festival movie. We have chosen the bush as the topic of our 30 second snippet about what is special in NZ.

This Week

We will be starting a new activity to practice our listening skills and our ability to follow instructions.
Inquiry we will be preparing ourselves for what we might see at Motat and comparing houses in the past to the present and what we would like in our own homes. Please make sure you have paid your activity fee and returned your permission slip.
Maths we have most still working on counting forward and backward, recording numbers and patterns to 5. We are trying to beat our best time for counting on to 20 of 14 seconds. Our counting back from 20 results vary greatly each day.

Friday is Random Act of Kindness Day.

In General

It is a good idea to put a spare set of clothes in a plastic bag in your child's school bag. This way your child is prepared for any accidents, mud or otherwise.

Don't forget our community meeting this Wednesday at 1.45pm and 7pm.

There are some good reading tips and maths resources in our school newsletter.

Quiz night fundraiser this Saturday 2 September. It's not too late to book a table.

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