Sunday, September 3, 2017

Term 3 Week 7

Highlights of Last Week

Last week we talked about the ways that people have been kind to us and how we can be kind to others.  We also watched some utube clips and listened to the book "Have you filled a bucket today?"
Hence our passion activity with L1 on Friday was to make a bucket full of popcorn to share with someone else.  We also wrote some kind messages, watched a short funny movie, ate popcorn and did some dancing and singing.  

A whole school assembly last week saw another L2 member receiving an ORCA award. Well done!

L2 really enjoyed our impromptu soccer session on Tuesday.  It takes a lot of coordination to get a soccer ball accurately to a receiver or to dribble a ball around an obstacle and get it back to your team member. There was lots of laughter and cheering as the two teams finished a relay race neck and neck.   

This Week


We are ready for our trip to Motat this Tuesday.  As a class we have discussed what we might see there and our main objective towards our inquiry of social movement. There was a lot of interest in the jail house, the train and the tram. Our ratio's will be 4 children to one parent. All our class's groups will follow the same order of events on the time table.

Please make sure you:

  • arrive at school before 8.45am so that we have enough time to organise ourselves before the bus leaves at 9.10am.
  • your child is wearing correct school uniform.
  • they have a drink bottle and a healthy lunch.
  • a change of pants in a plastic bag.
  • check their school bag, pack it together with only the things they need. Everything needs to fit inside their school bag and be able to be zipped up easily. They will need to carry and look after their belongings themselves. (no book bags for Tuesday).
There is also an exhibition on at the Maritime Museum that you may like to take your children to, supporting our social movement enquiry. It is free for Auckland residents.

Clues for reading with your child:

Watch out for the Anton books in your child's book bag again. I will be to sending some home with activities that would be beneficial for individual children. It may be in the form of a game or something that they could practice if they wish. If I do send them home please make sure they come back the next day.  If you have sight words at home that you are no longer using, can you please send them back complete with their plastic bag.

Upcoming Events

As we have gained more class members since our class photo was taken last term we will be having another sitting for a class photo on 11th September.

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