Sunday, September 10, 2017

Term 3 Week 8

Last Week

The Motat trip was a great success, thanks to our 5 parents who helped out. There was enough happening to keep us busy the whole time. After orientation we had 20 mins to follow the parent trail which was barely enough time for all we could explore.

Our tram ride was interesting not just for the ride but in the way it was powered and the way it turned around.

We then had a teacher led session in a room where we were introduced to everyday items in the home from 100 years ago. We had the opportunity to dress up and try these items out.

After lunch we explored the sunlight room which was very dark but had lots of interactive ways to explore concepts of the sun, photons, speed of light and energy.

Afterwards we explored the historical village, noting how small and lacking the house were of today's mod cons they were.

Just enough time for the playground.

This Week

Busy week ahead.

Maori Language Week

Each week we have a word of the week. This week in support of Maori Language week it will be:
Kia ora - Hi (informal hello/greeting) Kia ora - thank you Kia ora - here! Here! I agree

Each day we will be focusing on a different parts of the language. On Tuesday we will be joined by 10 children from our VLC. Together we will be learning how to mihi. I am hoping to make ti rakau out of newspaper/magazine and learning a waiata to play a game with them. Could you please send in any newspaper or magazines you have at home that would be appropriate to roll up to make the ti rakau.

Wednesday - Book day

The children in our VLC (Shearer) will rotate around our classes with different themes from Dr Seuss books. L2 will be Wacky Wednesday.
Friday - Whole School Assembly
This week assembly will by hosted by team Shearer.


School Start Time

School starts at 8.55am. The classroom is open from 8.30am. It is important that your child arrives at school to get themselves ready to start their school day before the bell goes. Children arriving after the bell are distracting to the children who have already begun their day.


We have had a case of head lice in L2. Please check your child's hair so that we can stop the cycle. An easy way to check is to run a nit comb through their hair. You will be able to see any eggs or live lice on the comb.

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