Monday, October 23, 2017

Term 4 Week 2

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend.

Must have hats this week or stay in the shade!!

Last Week

We had a very productive week last week. L2 have clearly become school children. They arrived at school Monday morning ready and keen to get back to their learning.

There was a lot of interest towards our sustainability enquiry. They understood that we need to look after our planet; animals, plants, air and water. L2 is exploring how everything is interconnected and with each living thing being reliant on each other. 

We weeded and planted out one of the school gardens. Photography below is from one our (L2) students.

On Friday we started (hopefully) our own little garden seedling in a yoghurt pot.  We are waiting to see if we get a seedling and monitor its progress. We have estimated based on our experience with seed sprouting in Term 2,  that it will take about a week for them to sprout.

Here we have named and decorated the pots with a sharpie. We are filling them with play dough so that we can poke holes in them with a skewer.

On Tuesday we had our first athletics lesson focused on sprints, practicing starts and running relays with L1.  Everyone was very quiet afterwards.

Friday we also saw another L2 student receiving an ORCA award for taking ownership of learning her reading and writing. Well done!!

This Week

For the next 4 weeks on Tuesdays we will be developing for our athletics skills with the rest of the year 0/1 classes.

Passion Fridays will be back on this week.  Each VLC will also be providing an option for the children in their VLC to choose.  We are in the process of sorting out numbers, interests and choices at the moment.

Please ensure the children start school on time, especially this term with so many other things happening.  In the mornings the children are more focused for learning and thinking,  so that is when we do the activities that require the most concentration and listening. It is unsettling for the class when there are unnecessary interruptions and the child who is running late, starts their day behind the others.

Halloween disco this Friday at 6pm to 8pm.  Tickets and disco money are on sale outside the office every morning except Friday this week. Entry is $5 for the children and free for parents. 

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